Moz has written this song, ‘All The Same’ to bring attention to the plight of himself & other refugees. Moz’s vocals & the footage were recorded on a mobile in detention. They found their way out of Manus to artists in Australia to join in the music & video production, with tracks being sent online back & forth between Melbourne & Manus over 5 weeks

Watch the clip, listen to Moz’s song, share it far & wide, send it to the decision makers! Remember that music can be a champion of humanity & a powerful tool for social change. 

When you download ‘All The Same’ please share your compassion by donating to ‘Gifts for Manus & Nauru’ who will use donations to support refugees phone usage so they can stay connected Donate Now

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Kurdish refugee Mostafa ‘Moz’ Azimitabar 31, has been detained in Manus Island for four years. Moz has written this rap/song to bring attention to the plight of himself and other refugees. His friend, Farhad, filmed this video clip onsite in Manus Island detention centre.

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Hear all about the project and call for compassion and action  in this radio  interview with Emma & quotes from Moz plus his song.   listen here 3CR

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Credits    ‘All The Same’- performed by Moz; Words & Music by Mostafa Azimitabar; onsite filming by Farhad Bandesh.  Blair Harris (cello), Ryan Fullerton (electric guitars), Stephan Skov (sound engineer & guitars), Craig Pilkington (sound engineer & trumpet), Emma O’Brien OAM (music therapist, editor, arranger & producer). Thanks to Catherine Threlfall (music therapist initial song support), Janet Galbraith (Writing Through Fences), Jane McCracken (Burnside’s Letter Writing Campaign), Carol Quilter (initial poetry support), Chris Lassig & Stefan Delatovic (media).  ‘All the Same’ produced by O’Brien, Skov & Pilkington @Audrey Studios

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Mostafa ‘Moz’ Azimitabar – singer, songwriter, photographer & poet
This is Moz’s premiere release as a singer songwriter. He has been in Manus Island detention for four years. At Manus, Moz can spend up to 20 hours a day in a room that is 6 meters square with other refugees. Moz like his fellow refugees has been subjected to physical & psychological violence, yet he remains a compassionate person. Its important for Moz to keep his mind busy so he has turned to creativity in poetry & songwriting, has become very good at scrabble, & is the resident chess champion. Moz is an inspiration to all of us in this project. He has created this song to bring attention to the plight of himself & other refugees.
“We have been left in political limbo for four years now… I hope people who are listening to my song will understand our desperation, frustration & fear.”

Farhad Bandesh – videographer, digital artist & painter
Farhad said it was a great pleasure for him to film the footage for this music video, & take many of the photos. Farhad is Moz’s best friend and like Moz is a certified refugee in detention on Manus. Farhad is a talented painter and digital artist.
“When I was filming Moz we had a lot of stress because if the PNG Police noticed us they would break us up or take the phone. All the time this threat was there I still had to focus on filming Moz & getting the best footage. In the end I just want to say that I appreciate the editor of this clip and all those who have worked on this project.”

Image by Farhad Bandesh

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About Manus Island & Refugee crisis


‘Never been more traumatised’: 72-year-old nun recounts Manus Island visit. As the island readied for the closure of its detention centre on October 31, she flew to Papua New Guinea for the second time this year to see its asylum seekers. “What I couldn’t believe this time was the deteriorated health of the men,” she said. “I’ve never been more upset or traumatised in my life.” ‘The Canberra Times’ 24 October 2017

UN Warns Of Looming Humanitarian Crisis On Manus Island
Asylum seekers who have failed in their bids to seek refuge will soon be thrown out of PNG if they refuse to return to their home countries. ..the UN High Commissioner for Refugees has expressed serious concerns about detainee health, welfare and security. The refugee agency, which visited the island last month, said local medical services were overstretched and torture and trauma services had been scrapped.  ‘The Huffington Post’ 18 October 2017

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