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Mostafa ‘Moz’ Azimitabar – singer, songwriter, photographer & poet
This is Moz’s premiere release as a singer songwriter. He has been in Manus Island detention for four years. At Manus, Moz can spend up to 20 hours a day in a room that is 6 meters square with other refugees. Moz like his fellow refugees has been subjected to physical & psychological violence, yet he remains a compassionate person. Its important for Moz to keep his mind busy so he has turned to creativity in poetry & songwriting, has become very good at scrabble, & is the resident chess champion. Moz is an inspiration to all of us in this project. He has created this song to bring attention to the plight of himself & other refugees.
“We have been left in political limbo for four years now… I hope people who are listening to my song will understand our desperation, frustration & fear.”

Farhad Bandesh – videographer, digital artist & painter
Farhad said it was a great pleasure for him to film the footage for this music video, & take many of the photos. Farhad is Moz’s best friend and like Moz is a certified refugee in detention on Manus. Farhad is a talented painter and digital artist.
“When I was filming Moz we had a lot of stress because if the PNG Police noticed us they would break us up or take the phone. All the time this threat was there I still had to focus on filming Moz & getting the best footage. In the end I just want to say that I appreciate the editor of this clip and all those who have worked on this project.”

Image by Farhad Bandesh

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