our humanity team

Emma O’Brien OAM – producer, editor & music therapist
Emma is an award winning music therapist with 20 years’ clinical experience & she specializes in collaborative songwriting & producing. Emma was awarded an Order of Australia Medal for her services to the community through music therapy & her music therapy practice has been featured in the media & in documentaries. This project found its way to Emma serendipitously through music therapy colleague & friend Catherine Threlfall who put out a generic call for support online. Emma took up the role of producing & coordinating the recording, liaising with Moz for his vocal lines & editing the footage for the clip.
“I feel privileged to know Moz & Farhad, & to have such a moving window into their lives at Manus Island Detention Centre. Working with the team has been very heartening but I am continually dismayed at the lack of compassion our government is showing these people & conversely amazed the extraordinary resilience & compassion & forgiveness that Moz shows to us. Its like the government have forgotten that refugees are people & that they are doing their best to make us forget as well. Don’t ever forget – listen to his song, please share it, send it to the decision makers! Remember that music can be a champion of humanity & a powerful tool for social change.”

Craig Pilkington – producer, sound engineer, producer & trumpeter
Craig Pilkington is a composer, multi instrumentalist and founding member of ARIA award winning band The Killjoys & owns and operates Audrey Studios. As a producer/engineer Craig is experienced in most music genres and some of his clients include: Archie Roach, Tripod, Eddie Perfect (song for Offspring), Kutcha Edwards, & the late Gurrumul Yunipingu.
Craig said YES to this project as he wanted to do something about the refugee crisis, rather than ‘just talk’ about how terrible things are for refugees in detention. He wanted to support Moz & hopefully, by donating his skills to the song, help Moz’s message reach a wide audience.

Blair Harris- cellist
Blair has had numerous soloist engagements with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra Victoria, the Barrier Reef Orchestra, Preston Symphony and Melbourne Chamber Orchestra. His solo and chamber music repertoires have been recorded extensively for ABC Classic FM and 3MBS-FM Melbourne. Blair has held numerous guest orchestral roles, including a principal position with Orchestra Victoria and associate principal of the Tasmanian Symphony. As an avid devotee of new music, Blair is a member of the contemporary chamber music group Syzygy Ensemble. Currently an ensemble in residence at the Melbourne Recital Centre.
“I said yes immediately when Emma asked if I would play on Moz’s song. She told me that he said he loved the cello & it was such a moving experience to play in the piece as I heard Moz’s powerful voice of integrity. I believe in freedom of speech & compassion & the powerful role the arts can play in supporting that freedom & changing the word for the better.”

Stephan Skov- sound engineer & guitarist
Singer, songwriter Stephan is also a music therapist and has worked on many special projects with Emma over the years. He joined ‘our humanity’ as he is passionate about freedom of speech.
“I want to help Moz lift the veil of denial that society sits behind that seems to allow human rights violations like Manus Island exist.” Stephan is proud to be part of the ‘our humanity’ team.

Jane McCracken- public health practitioner & original letter writer to Moz
Mostafa Azimitabar (Moz) and Jane McCracken were put in contact via Julian Burnside’s refugee letter writing campaign in late 2013. In June 2017 Moz asked Jane if she knew anyone who could help him produce a song he had written about his years of detention at the hands of the Australian government on Manus Island. Jane spoke to, Catherine Threlfall who subsequently put the call out to her musician friends, & the collaboration was born.
“Moz & I have been corresponding for the last three and a half years. During that time, I have had the pleasure of befriending a generous, good natured, kind, humorous & intelligent person who has found himself at the mercy of Australia’s inhumane refugee policy. Moz is a man of great strength, intelligence & resilience – & his powerful song reflects these traits. It has been such a pleasure to watch the making of this song unfold from the sidelines as a non-musician. I can see the very process of making the song has been a lifeline for Moz, & has renewed his strength, determination & resolve to continue to fight for his & others’ lives.”

Catherine Threlfall- music therapist
Catherine is an experienced music therapist, educator & community musician. She is passionate about the role creativity plays in health & wellbeing for both individuals & communities.
“When Jane approached me asking if I could help Moz I started by talking to him online providing some structural support as he put the song together. He sent me a draft of the song & then my role was to put the call out to musicians in Australia that could help. Its been amazing to see the amount of work & support that has gone into bringing Moz’s song to life”

Ryan Fullerton- guitarist
Ryan joined the project through Catherine’s original call to connect with Moz & share his love of guitars with him.

with support from
Janet Galbraith- poet & founder of ‘Writing Through Fences’ & Carol Quilter
Writing Through Fences aims to create a safe place in which writers and artists can explore their ideas, creativity, experiences and identities within, before and despite immigration detention.” Janet Galbraith, poet & founder. Janet organised with her team for Moz’s song to have a viewing at the Queensland Poetry Festival, Sunday August 27, 2017. Carol worked with Moz in the early stages of his song formation supporting the poetry development.